• Python

    from simnibs import optimization
    opt = optimization.TDCSoptimize()
    target = opt.add_avoid()


    opt = opt_struct('TDCSoptimize');


  • positions: Nx3 list/array of floats (Python/MATLAB)

  • weight: float

    • Description: Weight to be given to this avoid region. The largest the weight the more SimNIBS will avoid this region. Must be \(> 1\).

    • Default: \(10^3\).

  • indexes: Nx1 list/array of ints (Python/MATLAB), optional

    • Description: As an alternative to positions, you can select the node index or the element index (see here for more information).

    • Default: Get the points closest to the positions.

  • radius: float, optional

  • tissues: list/array of ints (Python/MATLAB), optional

    • Descrption: List of tissue indices where the target is defined. Leave empty if all tissues in the leadfield.

    • Default: All tissues


    You can leave positions and indexes empty and only assign tissues. In this case, the avoidance region will be the whole tissue. This can be useful, e.g. to avoid co-stimulation of the eyes when designing a tACS montage.