Coil Models Included in SimNIBS

Default Coil Files

Coil Name

File Names

Magstim 70mm Figure-of-Eight

Magstim_70mm_Fig8.ccd Magstim_70mm_Fig8.nii.gz

MagVenture MC B70

MagVenture_MC_B70.ccd MagVenture_MC_B70.nii.gz

These coil models were constructed based on X-ray images.

Extra Coil Files

Please see here for more information. These coil files are optionally downloaded by SimNIBS during the installation, or can be downloaded after installation with the command


We would like to thank Zhi-De Deng for sharing his coil definition files with us and Mursel Karadas for converting them to SimNIBS format. These models were constructed from geometrical values about the coil windings taken from literature. Please note that some of the models represent non-planar coils. Setting the coil position for those in the SimNIBS GUI can easily result in the simulation of physically impossible coil placements, i.e. corresponding to parts of the coil being inside the head, and are only meant for expert use!