Contributors and Funding

Current Contributors

  • Axel Thielscher
    • Project coordination

    • Debugging and maintenance of mri2mesh, headreco and meshfix.

    • Implementation of dwi2cond (2.1)

    • Creation of the new example dataset ernie (2.1)

  • Guilherme B. Saturnino
    • Installation procedure (3.0)

    • Documentation (3.0)

    • Implementation of the fast FEM code (3.0)

    • Implementation (together with Konstantin Weise) of the UQ functionality (3.0)

    • Main contributor to the new python core (2.1)

    • Main contributor to the GUI and the electrode modeling for tDCS (2.0)

    • Bug-fixing

  • Jesper D. Nielsen
    • Main author of the headreco pipeline (2.1)

  • Kristoffer H. Madsen
    • Implementation of prototype version for MNI transformation (2.1)

    • Implementation of fast I/O for gmsh-meshes in python (2.0)

    • Integration of pre-calculated A-fields for TMS in the pipeline using nifti volume files (2.0)

  • Oula Puonti
    • Help with headreco (2.1)

    • Creation of the new MNI head mesh (2.1)

  • Konstantin Weise and Thomas Knoesche
    • Implementation (together with G. B. Saturnino) of the UQ functionality (3.0)

Former Contributors

  • Mirko Windhoff
    • Main contributor to SimNIBS 1.0

  • Alex Opitz
    • Implementation of first diffusion-to-conductivity mapping approach

    • Co-contributor to many other parts in SimNIBS 1.0

    • Testing and validation of the new FEM calculations for tDCS in SimNIBS 2.0

  • Andre Antunes
    • Main contributor to the FEM pipeline in SimNIBS 2.0

    • Implementation of a range of post-processing programs in SimNIBS 2.0

  • Andreas Bungert
    • Testing of the new FEM pipeline in SimNIBS 2.0


SimNIBS integrates free software for Neuroimaging, computer graphics and FEM calculations into one coherent pipeline:


Funding Sources

We would like to thank our funding sources

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