A lightweight tool to perform rigid (–dof 6) or affine (–dof 12) registration. Outputs a resampled image and a the world-to-world transformation matrix in RAS space. NOTE The rigid registration supports inter-modality (across contrast) registration while the affine currently only supports intra-modality registration (the same contrast).

Usage example

  1. Rigid registration: open a terminaĺ and run

register -f ernie_T1.nii.gz -m ernie_T2.nii.gz -o ernie_T2_registered.nii.gz -dof 6
  1. Affine registration: open a terminal and run

register -f ernie_T1.nii.gz -m MNI152_T1_1mm.nii.gz -o MNI_template_registered.nii.gz -dof 12

Further notes

  • Type register -h for more information and options