Interpolates NifTI volumes to mesh files.

Usage example

  1. Open a terminal and go to the directory of the “Ernie” example data set.

  2. Run

nii2msh m2m_ernie/T1.nii.gz m2m_ernie/ernie.msh ernie_with_T1.msh

  1. The ernie_with_T1.msh file will contain the intensity values of the T1 image as data field.

Further notes

  • Type nii2msh -h for more information and options

  • The -ev option will map the eigenvectors associated with the largest eigenvalues of a tensor to the mesh, which can be useful for visual control of the vector orientations (e.g. nii2msh -ev m2m_ernie/DTI_coregT1_tensor.nii.gz m2m_ernie/ernie.msh ernie_tensor.msh adds the first conductivity eigenvector to the mesh).

  • The data will be added to the elements (tetrahedra) as default. To add it to the nodes, use the option --type nodes.