This command line utility function allows conversion of coil dipole definition files (.ccd) files to nifti-1 volumes describing the magnetic vector potential (A-field). The conversion utilizes the fast multipole methods to efficiently calculate the A-field on a grid. The size and resolution of this grid is defined in the header of the ccd file.

Usage example

  1. Expand a specific ccd-file: Open a terminal, go to the coil directory and run

ccd2nifti -i Drakaki_BrainStim_2022/MagVenture_C-B70.ccd

This will expand the file MagVenture_C-B70.ccd into MagVenture_C-B70.nii.gz, if the file does not already exist, in which case it will skip the expansion unless you force overwrite with the -f flag.

  1. Expand coil within the current path recursively: Open a terminal, go to the intended directory and run

ccd2nifti -i .

Further notes

  • Type ccd2nifti -h for the command line help