Converts a head model created by mri2mesh or headreco for use in SimNIBS4

Usage example

  1. Open a terminal and go to a directory with an old head model.

  2. Run

convert_3_to_4 m2m_<subID_old> m2m_<subID_new>

  1. A folder m2m_<subID_new> will be created that contains the head model in SimNIBS4 convention

Further notes

  • Type convert_3_to_4 -h gives the help information

  • When only the directory of the old head model is provided, the new folder will be named m2m_<subID_old>_v4

  • Using the conversion function in python scripts is feasible by

from simnibs.cli.convert_3_to_4 import convert_old_new
convert_old_new('m2m_<subID_old>', 'm2m_<subID_new>')